TSAMPA 250 g / 500 g / 1000 g 

tsampa_miska_naOREZOur tsampa is made from hulless organic Barley. 100% whole grain. Without any additive. Made by traditional Tibetan method. Fine milled. Middle roasted with nutty taste and aroma.

Whole grain organic Barley (CZ).

Store in a cold and dark place and relative humidity 75 %.

Nutrition Facts in 100 g:
Calories 1480 kJ (353 kcal) / Total Fat 3 g (Saturated 0,5 g) / Total Carbohydrate 65 g (Sugars 1,1 g) / Protein 12,1 g / Sodium 0,002 g / Fibre 14 g

Instant porridge – put five tablespoon of tsampa in a bowl, pour hot water or milk. Add date syrup or any favourite sweetener, nuts and dried or fresh fruits, and mix it.

Delicious drink or snack – add one or two tablespoon of tsampa to a drink or food na mix it (soja, rice or any milk, tea, yoghurt, oat porridge, muesli, smoothies,…).


Price List:

Tsampa 250 g –  3 Euro

Tsampa 500 g –  5.5 Euro

Tsampa   1 kg –  10 Euro