• tři tsampy s miskou tsampy 1 Fast, simple and easy to prepare – mix with hot or cold water, tea, milk, soup, juice and so forth
  • Gives strength
  • Easy to digest
  • Perfect food for trekking, trips, travellers and pilgrims –verified by tibetans nomads and travellers
  • A small amount will satisfy hunger
  • Rich in vitamins (K, E, B), minerals, beta-glucan and fibre
  • Low glycemic index (GI)
  • Suitable for children and for children’s puree
  • Low gluten
  • Hand made
  • Verified for centuries.
For thousands of years Tsampa has been the traditional staple food of Tibet. It is made of roasted whole-grain barley and is very easy to prepare, both at home and whilst travelling, not only in Tibet. It has a characteristic nutty taste and smell and  is very healthy. For more than eight million Tibetans, living in Tibet and around the world, it is, along with meat and milk products, their basic food. Almost every pilgrim and traveller in Tibet carries a stock of tsampa on their journey.
Since tsampa is already cooked, one simply mixes it with hot tea, water, milk or soup and it is ready. It is a useful addition to almost any food, both sweet and savoury.